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Our pets were not happy with all the fireworks AT ALL!


21 pounds...damn!!!


Agree with you on the fireworks! Someone that lives by us was still shooting them tonight-3rd day in a row! Thankfully, they don't bother my dog too bad. She loves to run outside and bark at them-guess she thinks that will make them stop!


Rosco is precious beyond words! I'm sorry about the loss of appetite, Linda. It does come back. I would love to join you for dinner! You are a great cook. I agree with the fireworks! JoeV spent last night on a blanket in Patty's batroom, trembling. I hope it's over.


I'm totally wiped out from yesterday. Between the heat and everything I'm just beat. I think a nap is totally in order!
Love the pic of Roscoe!


We are planning on having pork tenderloin tonight for dinner. We were suppose to have it last night but didn't feel much for cooking. Hoping you get your appetite back soon. Enjoy your day off :)


Enjoy the rest of your holiday! I'm 100% with you on the fireworks...they finally stopped at midnight here last night and I am hoping they don't have leftovers for tonight lol!

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