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LOL! Seems like everyone is growing their hair out. I am too! I don't make resolutions cuz I don't follow through on them!


LOVE your new banner! Changed mine too!


My resolve is to never buy another pack of cigarettes. It seemed easier to say than "I'm quitting smoking." But as soon as I finish this last pack (5 to go) that's it. I refuse to spend $$160 a month on cigarettes. I'm done. I need a new HDTV anyway. And I want at least 42 inches! Putting $160 a month in the savings account will mean I'll have it by next Christmas, what do you think?

Sorry we (Penn State) beat you today. Well, sorta sorry!

Hope you're feeling better.

Old Horsetail Snake

Hope you have USC in the Rose Bowl. It will be a major upset, huh?


I am also going to grow out my hair. I feel my days for long hair may be numbered. I'm getting too old and want it long one more time before I get "there".
Happy New Year!!!

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