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Hmmmmm ... perhaps a little blogging buddy wager is called for here.

I'd be willing to give up one of my large can of Grandma Brown's baked beans WITH my famous (or is it infamous?)recipe.

Up for it? Keep in mind we have our beloved JoPa (head coach Joe Paterno) who was viciously sidelined and suffered broken bones ... oh the inhumanity of it all ... and what a way to get the team to play better!



In Los Angeles where I live, it was so warm, UCLA fans were dancing in the streets in bare feet. Some moms who are empty nesters and have their precious ones at UCLA called my office and left messages saying."finally something to cheer about that is worth the tuition and the lack of food in the frig...no one eats here anymore...we order in wings for the games. Natalie emptynestsupport.com


Being from Podunk, PA ... Go Nitney Lions.

Old Horsetail Snake

I also will be rooting for Florida, because I have hated Ohio State with a passion ever since Woody Hayes was there. Buttwipe of all time. Plus it would take a little sting out of the defeat by Florida of Tennessee, which also will be rooted for by me because of you.

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