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I'm going to e-mail you a PDF of a cookie recipe that was the first cookies I ever remember making with my Mom. Snickerdoodles are always my contribution to my grown-up holiday cookie exchanges. For years I used recipes I found online. Not long ago, my sister found one of Mom's old recipe books and one of the pages bookmarked was for Snickerdoodles. She scanned the page and sent me the PDF. I remember that recipe being the one I followed to the T when I could barely reach the countertop standing on a stool ... so I'm guessing it is about 30 years old. The cookbook it came from was compiled as a fundraiser for the local volunteer fire deparment by their woman's auxiliary.


I'm in. I think I might send a couple of sugar free cookie recipes. They are really good and besides, you want to make sure even those who might have diabetes can enjoy the sweets of Christmas, right? I'll get back to you tomorrow ... don't have time to hunt them up today.

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