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Can't help with Paypal but I might be able to help you out on the couscous. It's one of our favorite side dishes! Couscous is a teeny tiny pasta. I cook mine using chicken broth instead of water and before I let the broth come to a boil, I add a lots of minced garlic and scallions (or regular onion if I don't have scallions on hand). Bring it to a boil and the add the couscous, stirring it in and removing it from the heat...cover and let stand for about 2 or 3 minutes - then's it's done. It cooks very quickly so I always cook it last. The broth, garlic and onion add flavor to the couscous making it a dish that can be served with just about anything. We like it with broiled salmon. Do a search for couscous recipes and you'll find tons of them. This is just an easy way to start with it. Hope you enjoy!


Hmm I've never had a problem with paypal, mind you I've ever used it for Ebay.


I use PayPal all the time. If I buy through PayPal, I get two receipts, one from PayPal and one from whoever I buy from (usually eBay).

If you got a PayPal receipt, chances are you've been charged. How could this happen you ask (I heard you say it)?

Well, is it possible that the last time you purchased the Flickr was the default setting for how you pay designated as PayPal? And if so, even if you put your debit card it, did you update the Flickr account (save it) so that it wouldn't take the default of PayPal? That's the only way I think it could have happened.

Go back into your Flickr account and see what the default is ... if it's set to PayPal then you'll only be charged once, through PayPal.

If the default setting is now the debit card, then you need to contact PayPal ... after you verify that whatever you bought cleared through the debit card, and ask them what the hell they are doing.

Does that help?

I've used PayPal for YEARS ... never had a problem. I prefer it. It's safer and they insure your purchases.

Good luck!

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