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Sounds like the TIVO will be getting quite the workout for a while!

And, that mostly you'll be working and sleeping.

But, I remember those rollouts well. Before I retired, I was a network administrator / database programmer. I already worked a 10-hour day as my regular hours. Whenever we had to update (either equipment or software) it was 14-15 hour days. Fortunately, I had 3-day weekends. Most of which I don't remember because I slept through them!

And then, after the rollouts, there were the training sessions of staff. I never knew there were so many people in the world with PhD's who had no common sense!

Remember to take time to pee. And maybe spend 15 minutes a day just breathing.

And yeah, take Max with you. Maybe every other day.

Take care of yourself!


I think taking him to work is an AWESOME idea!


That's a longass day...poor Maxi, and poor YOU!

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