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Hazel Hazel

You are inpiring to me. I am looking forward to my 1400th day as a non-smoker.


laura is right and I am STILL a downwind smoker. I will find a smoker and plant myself next to them just to smell them. i KNOW there is something seriously wrong with me...

Trucker Bob

Maybe you should let poor ol' Maxi have his lady friends drop in on him. It seems chasing them is hard on him. (teasing!)

Now that I'm back down in fighting trim, your other subject today is next on my list.

Wish me luck, I'll need all the help I can get, because there is no doubt, I am addicted. 53 years worth.

The expense alone is reason enough, a carton here costs $85.00


I hope Maxi is ok!

Deb stopped smoking years ago and she says she misses it EVERY day!!!


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