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None of us up here in New England can quite forgive Roger Clemons for charging the little boy 5 bucks for his autograph outside Fenway Park when he played here! So I've been boo-ing him for years!

old horsetail snake

Astros will be underdogs, so of course I will be rooting for them. Good luck to us.


Okay, I popped in specifically to see your thoughts on Lost!

Walt can do things with his mind - why doesn't he set the Others on fire or something!

I agree though - there's so many subplots going on here and everything is just being dragged along. They're dropping story lines everywhere (the monster?). I think they're not sure what they're doing.

Hubby thinks it'll be a good run but it'll burn out quick.

(I'm kinda getting tired of the flashbacks too!)

Didn't the French Lady have a kid? Maybe that's who's got the teddy bear.

Very tired of the antics of the Spanish Chick, who the heck is she being so tough for, the 4 cowed people she has left?



OMG!! What the heck am I CRAZY? I meant WALT...no Nate......WALT.....sheesh.....


Well, I think "the others" got most of the survivors...thats what they are hiding from...but I have no idea where they live....and who's teddy bear was that? Was that Nate dragging it? or some other kid?
Im so confused!
We are supposed to have a rainy weekend here for the blog meet....blah

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