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Elyne Weibel

I'm coming from the other side of it, Linda. My mom is in a nursing home and I know I dont get there as often as i should. Some people go everyday. I still have a family at home that expects me to have supper fixed every night. I have almost BEGGED my mom to call me. By the time I work late, go to the store, come home and fix supper. Stop and eat supper. Clean up after supper. Then it is too late to call her. If she called, I would stop and visit. If it was a really bad time, I would tell her I need to cut it short.
I say call. As far as them not calling to see about the tests....sorry to say, but shame on them!! My feelings would be hurt also. Glad no news is good news so far. Love ya!


Okay. After I lost my younger daughter Katie, the relationship I now have with Mandy is a bit strained. I want to be close to her, but she has her life, is nearly 35 and NEVER calls. At first I felt really hurt, but I knew if I said anything it wouldn't make anything better.
So what I do is this. About once a week, I send her a text message on her phone. "Hi, love you, miss you, talk soon, love, Mum".
Usually I will get a call in the next day or so.
I have just come to accept that Mandy is closer to her Dad and not me. It hurts like hell and I wish it weren't so, but sometimes we just have to accept.

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